NAPOLI from Nicholas Gilmore on Vimeo.

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Lost in Light

Lost in Light from Sriram Murali on Vimeo Read more…

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Radiohead: The Secrets Of Daydreaming

A video essay exploring the many hidden secrets in Paul Thomas Anderson’s new Radiohead music video: “Daydreaming.”

Radiohead: The Secrets Of Daydreaming from Rishi Kaneria on Vimeo

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Flying into Dusk // A 4K iPhone 6s Film

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TECHNE – depthcope

TECHNE – depthcope from 麦 : Baku on Vimeo

Rotoscoped ‘height maps’ with clay using a pair of projector and kinect, which works like human-powered 3d printing.

director: Baku Hashimoto
art director: Poisson Gris (Laurent Grayce & Hu Yu)
produer: Hiroto Ise
music: Phasma (“Sinus” from W Records vol.02 Bunkai-kei Records)
lighting: Ikuma Ogawa (SECT)
special thanks: Koji Aramaki, Kosuke Tsukagawa, Kyosuke Ochiai

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Square from Toke Blicher Møller

Square from Toke Blicher Møller on Vimeo.

Personal project.
Square is an experimental piece, focusing on creating an eerie atmosphere with a scandinavian twist.
I also wanted to use natural elements combined with a clean graphic look.

Various techniques were used creating this piece.

Design, Direction and Animation: Toke Blicher Møller
Sound Design: Philip Nicolai Flindt


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Iris van Herpen – Stylianos Pangalos

One Look, Iris van Herpen Haute Couture FW16, The Anatomy.
A film directed by Stylianos Pangalos for Refinery29 and Visionaire.

Produced by ADM

Iris van Herpen – Stylianos Pangalos from Art Director Management on Vimeo

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